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Play School Management Software

Gives you fully flexibility to manage your Play school


All encompassing Play School Management Solutions for childcare providers.

We are introducing our web-based Play School Management Software. As of now most of the institutions try to manage all their data via word & excel sheets and any hard disk crash is a nightmare for them. Through Awapal’s Play School Management Software we have tried to introduce the simplest management software, keeping in mind almost all the daily needs of the institutes. We have kept the price nominal so should there not be any financial burden. Our objective is to support and increase the business performance for any childcare center, large or small; we focus on a specialized system which is intuitive to the user. Our systems provide business intelligence data to underpin the decision-making processes, affecting the future development and growth of any institution.

The schools that we supply spend much more time helping their children to grow and develop, rather than spending hours on paperwork and spreadsheets Our Software has been designed to ensure that it covers all the aspects of running a busy Play School, Nursery, Pre-School. You don't need to be a technical wizard to use it. Our Play School Management Software gives back valuable time to various administrations by making day to day processes very easy, like pre-admissions, student registration, fee management, transport management, fun assignments etc.

At the click of a mouse, you will always have complete control of fees, registers, occupancy and the child's care details. Take a look at the features or view our demonstration videos online to see the many features available. Most importantly, we support our customers at every stage providing initial training and guidance, tech support etc. We’re with our customers every step of the way.

Impressive Play School Management Software has been built for Centralized Management
with latest user interface components.


Advantage of Our Software

Facilitates the Schools focus more on the development of students.


One platform powerful enough for all your business process

Fast Implementation

Fast user experience with a Lightweight Development framework

Easy to Use

Minimal training required, even for less savvy users


Most features are configurable to suit your needs


Clear and intelligent structure with an open and honest description of our software methods

Save Money & Time

Saves money and valuable time to increase the revenue swiftly

Reduce Manpower

It requires less staff and thus reduces the manpower

Increase Productivity

It increases productivity of the entire management

Go Green

There is an environmental impact to consider.

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