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College Management Software

College Management Software Solution is complete and user-friendly software. With one common database and configurable user security profiles.

The easiest to use cloud-based software system for the new age.

All encompassing Play School Management Solutions for childcare providers.

College Management Software Solution is complete and user-friendly software. With one common database and configurable user security profiles, it allows you to seamlessly and securely share your information with the users who needs it. Focusing on the present scenario of the Higher Education across the globe, Awapal’s delivers a diversified output on all the aspects of College Management. Providing best education environment with the best available resources is the biggest challenge of the Higher Education. Awapal Software’s has become the only solution to address all the need of Higher Education by providing single platform administration environment which brings Students, Faculties, and Management under one roof. Our College Management Software has the most significant features which will enhance the productivity of the organization without addition in all deficit aspects.

Our College Management Software is complete software designed to help Colleges create a strong educational foundation by equipping them with advanced technology for reliable, fast College management and administration. These powerful and practical features make Our College Management System a unique offering for Colleges that are looking for next generation online College management software.

We have our own R&D Team which does a steep research and analysis and gather information and does the paperwork to develop the next generation software. Our Collage Management Software is the only solution which will increase your work efficiency. Keeping in mind the basic fundamentals of the Higher Education our software is a powerful application which will be useful to all the entities of the education. It makes College management easy, transparent & plays a vital role in decision making. This software is equipped with a lot of reports concerning all the departments of the college including Student, Faculties, Academics, Human Resource, Finance etc.

Built for fast data entry by using the latest user interface components. It makes using our software a joy and means entering and managing your important data is really easy.


Advantage of Our Software

Facilitates the Schools focus more on the development of students.


One platform powerful enough for all your business process

Fast Implementation

Fast user experience with a Lightweight Development framework

Easy to Use

Minimal training required, even for less savvy users


Most features are configurable to suit your needs


Clear and intelligent structure with an open and honest description of our software methods

Save Money & Time

Saves money and valuable time to increase the revenue swiftly

Reduce Manpower

It requires less staff and thus reduces the manpower

Increase Productivity

It increases productivity of the entire management

Go Green

There is an environmental impact to consider.

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