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Dapp Game Evaluation Land

Overview of Dapp Game evaluation Land

The overall style of the game is unique, somewhat similar to the European style, and the design is more sophisticated. During the beta period, you can log in using your Google or Facebook account. We recommend creating an EOS test account directly after logging in. This account will only be used for beta testing of the game. It is more secure and reminds everyone to copy the private key (the private key should be used to log into the game). Currently, the game has entered the public beta phase. In the testing phase, the player holds 1 million initial gold coins (game coins), which can be used to rent land and purchase tool materials. The game will be launched on the EOS main network on June 26th (purchase of gold tickets can enter the game three days earlier than others) and will be open to all users at the end of June. This post is based on the public beta of a detailed gameplay introduction, hopefully, this will be helpful to you.

Dapp Game evaluation Land Feature

The role of workers-When you enter the game, you can get 3 workers. Looks bad, but you can work They can mine, build, carry supplies and more, and work for other bosses to earn gold coins. Each worker has a backpack to carry tools, materials, and resources, and the worker can exchange goods in the same parcel (a plot is a unit of land). Here you need to remind everyone that in your own plot you need to exchange the worker's goods. The game has a very friendly setup, so when a worker pulls an item out of a backpack, it is automatically stored in a warehouse on the ground where the item is located.

Lease land-You can start your mining journey with your workers. In the early stages of the game, players have to lease land to get the right to use it. Land rent is 90,000 gold per month. You can build a building on the ground only after paying the rent (you can only build one). Minerals, storage materials, etc.

Mining resources and manufacturing tools-In terms of mining resources, the maximum time each worker can mine at one time is 300 minutes. Different resources are mined at different rates. Mining with specific tools can effectively speed up mining. So, when you have a variety of resources, you can create a tool according to your needs.


How can you start without preparation and utilize a variety of mineral assets to mine gold, build hardware, grow your home, and slowly manufacture yourself when you have the opportunity to go to vast areas of massive land and sprinkle gold on this rich land? Kingdom? Consider giving it some vitality! I recently discovered that other games on EOS can fulfill all of the above game encounters.

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